At WILKENS you shop for classic luxury products

Our business model is different – because you’re part of the business.

You might call it crowdfunding for a very exclusive crowd. We call it a unique way to own outstanding luxury and even make money doing so. The first customers of a new Wilkens product, we call them Patrons, earn a share of all subsequent sales. Forever.

Learn how to become a Patron.


The WILKENS universe is based on a unique business model.

WILKENS is all about creating access between outstanding luxury design products – still on the drawing board or in prototype – and people willing to buy the product if it were made.

Niche crowdfunding is what makes WILKENS different

At WILKENS, crowdfunding is for a very small crowd. Our niche crowdfunding concept depends on Patrons.

The Patron community commits to buying a product that is still at the concept stage and not yet in production. Patrons participate in financing product development and production costs. Along with likeminded luxury aficionados from around the world, they also have an interest in making the project a success, and in discretely spreading the word. In return, they can expect some unique privileges.



Patrons are the very first ones to receive their own custom-made WILKENS product. They also share in the Patron Payback Program, which distributes 10% of all subsequent sales revenue evenly between the Patrons. Forever.

Patrons pay a deposit when they sign on. Deposits are held in a special bank account until production of the new WILKENS product is ready to begin, at which time they will be asked to pay the balance.

In the unlikely event that WILKENS does not recruit the required number of Patrons by the deadline that we set for ourselves, their deposit is returned to them in full, no questions asked.

Patrons who fail to pay the balance when production is ready to begin forfeit their deposit.


”The Bespoke W1 Suitcase Takes It Back to Travel's Golden Days”

April 2015 - US Read article