Incentive Luxury Luggage Like No Other



Show true appreciation of your high achievers and important stakeholders - give a personalised gift they will cherish for life. With a Wilkens product, you are guaranteed to make a lasting statement. 


Introducing the W1 Customised Luxury Leather Carry-on

Our selection of leathers for body and straps, wood trims and metal fittings lets you express your very own good taste and how you best represent your company. Our online configurator makes it simple and the very best materials along with uncompromising craftsmanship make it perfect.


Owners initials for full personalization

Beyond Brands

Every W1 Suitcase is custom made for its owner to create a unique and truly personal luggage of superb design, materials and craftsmanship.

Add your company logo or your initials as the only visible brand and your W1 Suitcase will be the only one like it. To last a lifetime.


A handcrafted leather suitcase like no other...


The Designer - Barcelona-based designer Mauro Bianucci reaches into the past as well as the future with his classic yet contemporary design. Rich mahogany and oak trims take their natural place next to carbon fiber. Luscious leather and brass recall a time when travel was still a luxury for a select few.

The Craftsman - Carefully handcrafted by Ryan Motley and his team at Bespoke Luggage, the world's foremost producers of custom made luggage based in Flathead Valley of Montana. Using the finest materials available, their thoughtful designs are renowned for their exceptional practicality and style.


...because you complete the design


W1 custom vintage leather suitcase from WilkensW1 Custom Leather Vintage Suitcase MATERIALS
  • Leather -  Premium Danish hides, expertly tanned in Italy, available in a wide variety of colors
  • Metal fittings - Available in solid brass and nickel finish
  • Wood trim and handle – Extra touch of luxury, available in mahogany and black stained oak
  • Fabric lining – Exquisite yet durable, available in multiple colors
  • Wheels - High-quality in-line skating wheels in all-metal wheel wells
  • Case frame, tray and telescopic handle - Carbon fiber for light weight and strength
  • Size -  36x55x23 cm (14x22x9 in.)
  • Estimated weight – depending on configuration. Please inquire


...and because you can be part of the business



Our business model creates a platform enjoining some of the world's top designers with buyers who have a keen taste for unique and exquisite products - not to be sold in retail. Ever. It even rewards early adapters who become patrons of a new product with equity in future sales revenue. Forever.

How it works

Upon funding a new product design with the commitment from 200 Patrons, manufacturing will commence. For the lifetime of the product, Wilkens will distribute 10% of the sales revenue back to the Patrons. What you do with this payback is up to you - some companies like to take the opportunity to contribute to their favorite charity.

And you can be part of it. Check back often or sign up to our newsletter to hear about new product lines being launched. 


Wilkens Custom Leather Luggage Collection



Our ecosystem of designers may also help if you are looking for something even more unique to better fit your team's achievements and your company profile. Further, the Wilkens team brings decades of experience in the high-end Danish design industry to source quality materials and locate the best manufacturers. This combination of expertise ensures a superior product designed to last a life time. Let us know about your specific product ideas.

"Who says road warriors can’t look great? Certainly not Wilkens, who is now offering

their thoroughly contemporary interpretation of classic luxury luggage”

December 2014 - UK Read article