Of the many fantastic concepts that designers around the world create every year, very few make it from the sketchpad into production. WILKENS changes the game by connecting outstanding designers and manufacturers that excel in small production series with serious luxury fans.

Major producers need major production volumes to achieve profitability. Established brands work with established designers. For ambitious designers with a good luxury concept, making the idea happen commercially can be something of a Catch-22.

Do you have a luxury product idea that has never been brought to market? Are you eager to reach a growing number of luxury aficionados? Then you might be the kind of designer that WILKENS is looking for.

Do you design lifestyle products of classic and timeless beauty?

WILKENS is on the lookout for partners in the design community who can add to our unique range of luxury lifestyle products. And we’re only interested in those who share our passion for the very best materials and craftsmanship.

The design DNA of a company can be described in many different ways; ours is best described in a simple but slightly morbid analogy:

When you pass away, your friends and family will inherit your possessions and our ambition is that the things they desire the most are the ones acquired at WILKENS because:

- They are still functional - designed to last
- They are valuable because they are skilfully made from the best materials
- The products tell a story about you – they are personalised and might have your initials

These are the design guidelines we adhere to in order to align expectation between our Customers, Patrons, Manufactures and the Designers we work with.

What’s in it for you as a designer?

Of course, it’s nice to see your idea come alive. But getting paid as it happens is even more fun. All designers selected by WILKENS designs are awarded a royalty based on products sold.

When we believe in an idea, we go all in. In return for making WILKENS the exclusive channel for your concept, WILKENS will help you to develop your design and work with the best producers we can find, no matter where in the world we have to look. We also fund all sales, marketing and PR expenses in order to get your idea in front of an exclusive group of design fans. After all, we’re in this together.


If you think you have a product concept that deserves to be a shining star in the WILKENS universe, contact us for an initial discussion.



The workshop of Mauro Bianucci

Born in Argentina, Mauro Bianucci trained as an architect at the University of Buenos Aires. His designs draw on materials and construction techniques from the architectural world to create stylish, classic designs.

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Mads Odgaard.jpg

Mads Odgård Design

Danish industrial designer Mads Odgård’s philosophy is as straightforward as his many prize-wining designs. “How simple do I dare to make it?” he asks. Only then does he proceed to create objects that are a recurring joy to use every day. Each with its own clear identity and logic, all with an appeal so universal that they stand the test of time.

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