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Sumptuous leather throughout. Beautiful hardwood and brass to protect it. Carbon fibre to give it strength. Lifetime guarantee. This classic yet contemporary carry-on suitcase is exquisitely crafted for you by master artisans. You make it your own by choosing between leathers, wood trims and metals.

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A suitcase like no other

Any trip turns into an adventure in good taste with the W1 Suitcase.

Barcelona-based designer Mauro Bianucci reaches into the past as well as the future with his design for a carry-on suitcase that is classic yet contemporary. Gorgeous leather and brass recall a time when travel was still a luxury for a select few. Rich mahogany and black stained oak trims take their natural place. Carbon fibre reinforcements and telescopic handles lighten your load as you negotiate your path from terminal to terminal.

All of our hides originate in Denmark and are tanned in Italy.


Our search for the craftsmen who could turn this design into reality brought us from Catalonia to northwest Montana. For it is there, in the remote Flathead Valley, where we find Ryan Motley. Ryan and his team of artisans at Bespoke Luggage are the world’s foremost producers of handcrafted luggage specially designed for high-end automobiles. In our opinion, no one else comes even close to Ryan’s level of craftsmanship of custom-made luggage.

The logo? That’s your initials, of course.

The W1 Suitcase. Tailored for you. Designed for your heirs. Where will you take it?


  • Size: 36x55x23 cm (14x22x9 in.)
  • Estimated weight: depending on configuration - please inquire.
  • Leather: Available in a wide variety of colours, you will configure in the colour and materials of your choice
  • Hardware: Available in brass or nickel
  • Wood trim and handle: Available in black stained oak or mahogany
  • Wheels: 2 high-quality in-line skating wheels in all-metal wheel wells
  • The case and telescopic handle is made from Carbon fiber

Design your own W1 SUITCASE


W1 Suitcase comes with a lifetime manufacturer's guarantee for the natural life of the product. Due to the high build quality and material durability, the W1 Suitcase is designed to last a minimum of 25 years.

Maintenance Services

It is our aim that W1 Suitcase will be your companion on all your future travels. We recommend that we perform a full maintenance service every 3-5 years depending on how much you use the W1 Suitcase. We offer a maintenance service including the following:

Care and Maintenance

By following a few simple tips on care and safeguarding your W1 Suitcase, you can make a substantial contribution to increasing its appearance and lifetime.


June 2012


Michael N. Wilkens is inspired to produce a classic leather suitcase during a visit to Egeskov Castle in Denmark.

November 2012


Mauro Bianucci’s first product sketches are presented to friends and family.

Spring 2013


The sketches are presented to a wider audience and the first inputs to the business model are collected.

June 2013


Bespoke Luggage is selected as the craftsmen who will produce the W1, and act as development partner for the project. The work on a first prototype begins.

March 2014


The first product prototype is completed and presented to the company board for approval.

July 2014


The second prototype is completed and tested during international travel.

Janury 2015


Public launch of the W1 Suitcase together with a configurator allowing Patrons to customise and personalize a W1 Suitcase.

Janury 2015


The first Patron signs up.

May 2015


The third prototype will be completed.

August 2015

Fully funded

The W1 Suitcase was fully funded and production was started

December 2015


By this date, we expect that 200 Patrons will have signed up and production will have begun. If not, the W1 Suitcase will not be launched.

1 Quater  2016


The latest delivery date for Patrons of the W1 Suitcase project.




The workshop of Mauro Bianucci

Born in Argentina, Mauro Bianucci trained as an architect at the University of Buenos Aires. His designs draw on materials and construction techniques from the architectural world to create stylish, classic designs.

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”… inspired by the opulence of the 1920s and 1930s. Exquisitely crafted by master artisans,  whether your destination is fashion week in Milan, vacationing in the Seychelles or traveling for business in London, this timeless new carry-on suitcase provides uncompromising style and quality.”

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