W6 Passport Holder


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W6 Passport holder - personal like its content

Keep your documents together while travelling and protect your passport from crumpled edges and other dammage.

Inner flap pocket allows you to tuck in the front cover of your passport and use it without having to remove it

Made especially for you in the colours and hardware of your choice, this handcrafted Passport holder features the same exquisite leather and hardware as our W1 Suitcase and W5 Luggage tag.

Personalise your W6 Passport holder by choosing leather and metal colours, and adding your initials (up to 3 letters) when you design your very own in the W6 configurator.

The front of the W6 Pasport holder display the owners initial.

A thoughtful gift for yourself or a loved one now, the W6 Luggage Tag is also a clever investment opportunity: as a patron, you will earn a share of all future sales if you are among the first 50 to buy one.


Design your own W6 Passport Holder


January 2014


The idea is born to design a personalised watch that is configurable and bears the initials of the owner on its dial - instead of a company logo.

March 2014


WILKENS enters a working relationship with designer Mads Odgård and begins an ongoing dialogue about the design.

May 2014


The first sketches of the watch's basic design are approved.

June 2014


Roventa-Henex is selected as manufacturer of the W2 Gent's Watch from a shortlist of five leading Swiss watch manufacturers.

September 2014


The first renderings of the W2 Gent's Watch design are ready for approval.

October 2014


Roventa-Henex starts technical design and prepares technical drawings.

January 2015

First prototype

The first prototype will be ready for testing and pictures will be taken and shared.

December 2015


e expect that sufficient Patrons will have signed up and production will have begun by this date. If not, the W6 Passport holder will not be launched.




The workshop of Mauro Bianucci

Born in Argentina, Mauro Bianucci trained as an architect at the University of Buenos Aires. His designs draw on materials and construction techniques from the architectural world to create stylish, classic designs.

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"Though the stunning carry-on trunk harks back to the 1950s era it is at once classic and contemporary. Its rich leather and brass recall a time when travel was still a luxury.”

May 2015 - India Open pdf