The workshop of Mauro Bianucci

Mauro Bianucci was born in Argentina, and trained as an architect at the University of Buenos Aires.

He founded Carga Bags in New York City in 2006. There, his popular designs drew on materials and construction techniques from the architectural world to create stylishly masculine pieces.

Through Carga, Mauro aimed to narrow the gap between the worlds of fashion and design. The first Carga collection was created in industrial wool felt. Honouring the traditional craftsmanship of his native Argentina’s tanneries, a vegetable dyed leather version soon followed.

His ØW Collection (Zero Wastage) from 2010 added a refreshing new perspective on the meeting of fashion and sustainability. Recently, he also launched a sleeve collection for Apple products.

Today, Mauro Bianucci is based at The Workshop in Barcelona’s El Born district. Cooperation with Michael Wilkens began in 2012, and has allowed Mauro to bring his unique understanding of materials, design and fashion together to create the W1 Suitcase.

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    Sumptuous leather throughout. Beautiful hardwood and brass to protect it. Carbon fibre to give it strength. This classic yet contemporary carry-on suitcase is exquisitely crafted for you by master artisans.

    *Fully funded, August 2015
    100% Complete

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    Make your bag stand out from the crowd with a distinctive, personalised luggage tag.

    *Fully funded, september 2015
    100% Complete

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    W4 Brief Case

    Patron price €1,350

    Deposit €100

    The W4 Brief Case shares its classically yet contemporary lines with another custom-made beauty designed by Mauro Bianucci, the W1 Suitcase.

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” Wilkens W1 suitcase – en luksuriøs, håndlavet rejsepartner.”

June 2015 - DK Reas article